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About me

Hi! I do design & web development in my spare time as a hobby. Both developing and coding have been my passion since the day I started working with computers, which led me into creating from simple scripts, to websites, all the way to mobile applications. Have a look below to browse my work and I hope you enjoy the result.


My name is Dimitrios Mitrou

My main job function is automotive mechanic / engineer but I was drawn into coding and developing digital solutions since 2010. Programming is filled with logic that creates different challenges when I need to come up with algorithmic solutions. I noticed over the years that through programming I have changed the way I think when it comes to tackling everyday life-challenges. Also I have a fondness for photography, enjoying the art of capturing and preserving my cherished moments through the lens of my camera.

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A skillset is a set of skills or abilities that a person possesses. In the context of employment, a skillset refers to the specific skills and qualifications that an individual has that make them suitable for a certain job or career. These skills can be technical, such as programming languages, or soft skills, such as communication or problem-solving abilities.

How may I help

  • Web Design - Development
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Front-End & Back-End Coding
  • Prestashop¹ Development (Online Shop)
  • Web Security (Updates / patching / Researching²)
  • Simple Android Application Development

¹ Prestashop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business. Check my demo.

² I am a computer security enthusiast and researcher 


PHP & mySQL100%
HTML & CSS100%
Bootstrap & Jquery95%
Python 80%
JavaScript 70%
Photoshop 70%

Work samples

Website design and development samples refer to examples of websites that have been designed and developed by a web designer. These samples can be used to showcase the designer's and developer's skills, experience and style. They can also be used to give potential clients an idea of the types of websites that can be created and the level of quality that can be achieved.

IKTEO Ekivolos SA


2018 - Present

A tailormade website for IKTEO Istiaias (M.O.T.) that is not only well-structured and organized, but also constantly updated with the latest laws news and regulations.

Security BSides Athens


2016 - Present

I am glad to be part of this great Cyber Security Community as a web developer and as an organizer too. If you are interested in Cyber Security. Visit the website for more info.

*The template for Security BSides Athens has been also modified to suit the needs of Security BSides Amsterdam, Security BSides Dubai, Security BSides Dublin. (If you are looking to utilize the Security BSides Template for your security BSides conference, not hesitate to reach out to me)


Yiasemi Restaurant

2023 - Present

A. Kappes

2021 - Present

T. Goultidis

2022 - Present


2016 - Present


2024 - Present
  • Official representative of Kri-Kri, Rodoula, Luigi & 7Grams Coffee Brands
  • www.Ntentis.gr 🔗

Aristos M.

2022 - Present

A. Chatzinikolidakis

2023 - Present

CP Constructions

2022 - Present

Perfume systems

2022 - Present

Feta Istiaias

2020 - Present


2021 - Present
  • Honey products located in Karditsa
  • www.Melies.gr 🔗
  • *Prestashop¹ was used for the e-Shop

T. Papasimeon

2022- Present
  • Refrigeration applications & services located in North Evia
  • www.Papasimeon.gr 🔗
  • *Prestashop¹ was used for the e-Shop


2020 - Present
  • Two of our favorite beach bars in north Evia are Porto Pefko & Xrysi Akti
  • www.MyBeach.gr 🔗


2016 - Present

Xomatourgiki Evias

2018 - Present


Rent cars motorcycles and boats

Rental North Evia

2019 - Present

Wheelie Rentals

2023 - Present

Rental Taxiploa

2019 - Present

Rental Paros

2022 - Present

Vehicle & Vessel Services

Rent cars motorcycles and boats

Stergiou Marine

2023 - Present

Moto Kyriakos

2016 - Present

Petrakos Service

2017 - Present


IPTV M3U Parser

IP Address Lookup

QR Generator

URL Shortener

Visit Edipsos


2017 - Present

Visit Edipsos is a website shows information about my hometown Loutra Edipsou located in north of Evia island in Greece and made for the hotel community.


Hotels, Studios & Rooms located in North Evia

9Queens Spa Hotel

2021 - Present

Hotel Kastri

2019 - Present


2022 - Present

Palatino Rooms

2022 - Present


2021 - Present

Ikaros Hotel

2021 - Present

Atlantis Hotel

2024 - Present

Kapolos Tours

2023 - Present

Studios Argyriou

2021 - Present

Studios Kiapekos

2016 - Present

Studios Epi Avlis

2019 - Present

Studios Violetta

2021 - Present

Studios Asteria

2017 - Present

Rooms Kiprianos

2018 - Present

Rooms Aggeliko

2013 - Present

Rooms Fouli

2016 - Present


Nikolakopoulos Furs

2016 - Present

Sports House

2017 - Present

Pirata Elroe

2021 - Present

Earth Grams

2022 - Present

Evia Supplies

2018 - Present


HackSpace Greece

2017 - Present


2016 - Present

Edipsos Folk Dance

2015 - Present

StaKou Fishing

2015 - Present



Hear from our satisfied customers: Real testimonials from our valued clients

DimisM Client

Dr Grigorios Fragkos


I am very pleased that Dimi started as an enthusiast and invested a lot of personal time learning, asking questions, and grasping not only the fundamentals, but also pay real attention to the details. His contribution to the journey of the Security BSides template and several other initiatives, wouldn’t be possible without his self-motivating personality & mindset when it comes to creating a result that makes everyone proud.

DimisM Client

Dr Theodore Goultidis MD PhD


It was really a pleasure to have Dimis support for the creation and the development of my professional site. Deep knowledge and great experience on how to have an excellent and custom made result. I am very satisfied. He is second to none.

DimisM Client

John Stamatakis Chef


I want with this review to warmly thank Dimis for encouraging me to set up this wonderful website, which not only attracted more customers to my business but also elevated its level, addressing the entire world and not just our local area. An excellent professional, precise, concise, and always to the point. Of course, I will not fail to mention the after-sales service always by my side. Thank you warmly once again. Keep creating such webpages.

DimisM Client

Georgios Sklavos


My cooperation with Dimi for the design of our e-shop Pirata.gr was impeccable. He is a professional, consistent, cooperative and flexible in everything was asked. I strongly propose him and certainly our collaboration will continue in the future!

DimisM Client

Maria Papakosma


Design and web development has provided a vast improvement for our site visits, service inquiries and ease of maintaining. After several years I still receive compliments on the clean and attractive design, easy navigation, and concise information. Our thanks to Dimi for hearing our needs and then designing a top notch website for us!

DimisM Client

Athanasios Sirptsioglou


On behalf of North Evia Rental. Excellent work in no time,very helpful and understanding in our demands. In additional, certainly value for money for all the time went through the project. We recommend him for sure and looking forward to work again on another project!

DimisM Client Male

Anrgyros Kappes


Dimi is an expert web developer, exceeded expectations, great communicator, delivered on time & budget, highly recommend for anyone in need of a web developer. A true professional and pleasure to work with.

DimisM Client

Christos Patras


Amazing design and development. He took my brief and injected his own creative ideas and showed an excellent understanding of the style I was trying to create. He worked quickly and was there when needed. Value for money especially for a non CMS webpage. Excellent!

DimisM Client Male

Konstantinos Makantasis


I collaborated with Dimi for my company's website. He was really thorough during the requirements extraction of my project. I was really satisfied with the ending result. The delivered company's website added value to my business, I definitely recommend him!

DimisM Client Male

Anastasios Sarigiannis


I recently had the pleasure of working with Dimi on the redesign of my company's website. From start to finish, Dimi was a true professional and a pleasure to work with. One of the things that impressed me most about Dimi was his attention to detail. He took the time to really understand my company's brand and goals, and used that information to create a website that perfectly reflected our image. He also provided valuable input and suggestions throughout the design process, which helped to make the final product even better than I had imagined.

DimisM Client Male

Giorgos Skourtaniotis


Dimi did an amazing job on my hotel website. He truly understood my vision and was able to bring it to life. The design is stunning and the user experience is seamless. He was very responsive and always available to answer any questions I had. He delivered the project on time and within budget. I highly recommend him for anyone in need of a hotel website designer. He exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier with the final result.

DimisM Client Female

Eleni Fotou


Dimi is also an expert in his field. He have a deep understanding of web design best practices and stay current with the latest trends and technologies. He also have a great aesthetic sense and are able to create visually stunning websites that are easy to navigate and user-friendly. Overall, I would highly recommend Dimi to anyone in need of a new website. He is a true professional who delivers high-quality work and makes the process of redesigning a website an enjoyable one.

DimisM Client Male

Konstantinos Sxoretsanitis


Dimi is an exceptional web developer. He has a great work ethic and exceeded expectations on every project he has worked on. Dimi's communication skills are excellent, ensuring that all aspects of the project are clearly understood. He delivers on time and within budget, and his technical expertise is unmatched. I highly recommend Dimi for any web development project. Working with him was a true pleasure.

DimisM Client Male

Dimitris Katrakazos


I collaborated with Dimi for my organization's website. Dimi is a talented and creative web designer. He has an eye for detail and design, and is able to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites. He is able to understand client requirements and deliver projects on time and within budget. Dimi is great to work with and his communication skills are excellent. I highly recommend Dimi for anyone in need of a top-notch web designer.


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